Blog Review: Joey Galvan’s Horror Film Blog is Essential

Not many people these days can appreciate the true artistry behind cult horror, which peaked in the 70’s throughout the 80’s. Joey Galvan’s Horror Film Blog, which he dubs as “essential horror films”, explores some of these films with a passionate voice. What drew me to Joey’s blog were our similarities in upbringing, as Joey explained in his first blog introducing his subject, he was born and raised in Austin, TX, with an affinity for obscure, dark horror films. I connected well with this because I am also from Austin, and my mother raised me and my brother’s on classic horror films, which became our bread and butter for family bonding.

Out of the first few reviews Joey has written, I hadn’t watched, City of the Living Dead, which intrigued me since I’ve always heard great things about it and seen on frequent cult lists. Joey does a great job of creating a mood for the reader with his black background and carefully chosen dark images from the films he reviews. On City of the Living Dead, Joey interprets the film’s use of lighting, heavy synth music, and complex imagery to convey a message for the viewer. Joey also does a great job of explaining the background of the film, as well as plot and thorough analysis of his interpretations.

With the next few blog reviews over, Evil Dead 2 and Friday the 13th I was right in my comfort zone. These two movies were pivotal in my childhood. Joey clearly feels the same, the way he explains the background and zany sense of humor in Evil Dead 2 that a few percentage resonate with. Joey glorifies the master technique in Evil Dead 2 that projected it into true cult status, surpassing it’s predecessor.

Image provided by: Joey Galvan
Image provided by: Joey Galvan

To catch more Joey’s intelligent insight into “essential horror films”, please follow his blog and email him at: for any updates or questions since his Twitter account isn’t set up yet. Let’s support more movie lovers and share what they have to say.


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